#QAS Traveler 23-4
DHD Traveler  6807  (Sire)
         #Bemindful Maid DHD 0807
          #PBC 707 1M F0203
Dixie Erica of C  H 1019  (Dam)
          Dixie Erica of C H 615

OCC Emblazon 854E
Registration: 12514348
-Emblazon is the #1 high accuracy bull in the breed for $weaning, the
  American Angus Association dollar value for cow efficiency per # of calf 
-Emblazon sons are some of the deepest ribbed, easiest fleshing bulls in the
  industry. His daughters may be the best to ever for a grazing environment.
-Emblazon is an extraordinary calving ease sire, we have used him
  extensively to range calve heifers. His daughters have near perfect udders
-Emblazon is a deep ribbed, thick quartered bull that is smooth shouldered

        OCC Emblazon 854E
OCC Headliner 661H  (Sire)
        OCC Juanada 858F
          DHD Traveler 6807 
OCC Dixie Erica 816B (Dam)
          Dixie Erica of CH 1019 

OCC Moderator 825M
  Reg. No. 14456398 • 
   Calved 9-15-2002
OCC Prestige 672P
  Reg. No. 14940720 •
  Calved 2-27-2004
OCC Legend 616L
  Reg. No. 14036365•
  Calved 1-30-01
        #DHD Traveler 6807
OCC Emblazon 854E  (Sire)
         Dixie Erica of C H 1019
          OCC Gladiator 612G
OCC Blackbird 632J  (Dam)
          OCC Blackbird 824G

        OCC Emblazon 854E
OCC Headliner 661H  (Sire)
        OCC Juanada 858F
        OCC Emblazon 854E 
OCC Dixie Erica 845K (Dam)
         OCC Dixie Erica 960H

         #Basin Rainmaker 654X
OCC Focus 813F  (Sire)
         Dixie Erica of C H 1019
          #DHD Traveler 6807
OCC Dixie Erica 816B  (Dam)
         Dixie Erica of C H 1019

OCC Homer 650H
Reg. No. 13235197 •
  Calved 2-16-98
Herd Sire - OCC Renegade 738R  Reg#- +15771597
         OCC Emblazon 854E
OCC Jet Stream 825J  (Sire)
         OCC Juanada 968G
          OCC Discovery 918D
OCC Dixie Erica 805G  (Dam)
         OCC Dixie Erica 907C

O C C Emancipate 889E     Reg. No. 12948073 •
  Calved 04/04/1995
        D H D Traveler 6807    
O C C Anchor 771A      (Sire)
        O C C Juanada 709V   
          Shoshone Vantage JB23  
Dixie Erica of R R 4309  (Dam)
         Dixie Erica of R R 6124   

Mon Reposa Rito (Idaho)  
Reg. No. 13227573  •
  Calved 04/28/1998 
        Mon Reposa Force        
Mon Reposa Shandar   (Sire)
        Mon Reposa Marie 123       
         V F Traveler 722-4003   
Lawsons Rim Rock 606-4003(Dam)            T Blackbid 8406     

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