We have focused our efforts toward raising self-sufficient, moderately framed and easy fleshing cows that produce the same in their calves.   Raising cattle that require few inputs and calves with lower birth weights is far more enjoyable and logical than spending time, money, and heartache accommodating high-maintenance cows. With our harsh environment, our cattle have to perform under extreme conditions.

The family owned operation is managed by Jacob and Danielle Larson. Jacob is also the manager of a large-scale dairy operation. Danielle is currently a stay-at-home mother of three, Luke Eathan , Lilly Grace and Levi.  In addition to the pure bred Angus cows, we have operated a low-input commercial cowherd since 2001.
Ever rising input costs continue to affect our bottom line forcing cattle producers to become more and more efficient. Extreme growth rates will negatively affect calving ease, fertility, and feed requirements for maintenance. There are trade-offs that must be considered when making breeding decisions. We can only select for so much growth, muscle, and milk without having some negative consequences. Therefore, the optimum level for many traits lies somewhere in the middle. We AI our cows using early maturing, top maternal, low birth weight bulls. The early maturing cattle will be more fertile, marble sooner and grade and yield better. All the flashy extremes that the beef industry is promoting is a fad that must be avoided.

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